Foreign Language / Accessibility

Foreign Language / Accessibility
Foreign Language / Accessibility

We are hoping to bring this remake to as many fans as possible, that means as many languages and accessibility options.

One thing the GoG DVD version doesn’t support is subtitles in movies; the subtitles are not baked into the movie files but rather are contained in a seperate file within Gameflow.tre. The timing of the DVD files matches the CD movies perfectly and so we are using this data to support subtitles even with DVD playback.

Sitting in the data files of the Wing Commander IV has always been English, German and French text, but unlike Wing Commander 3 there was no way to switch to another language. We will be supporting these three languages with a single executable. If you would like to add support for another language we are working on a method for suppoting more than the original three, even Japanese and Chinese. We are still sifting through files to locate strings, but if you are interested in translating the game to another language drop us a line at the forums and we can show you how.

Although the DVD version of Wing Commander IV on GoG only supports English there have been fan efforts to take the audio from the CD and merge it with the DVD files.

ODVS has taken these separate tracks and integrated them into a single set of HD files, so the WCIV remake will also support these multiple audio tracks.

If there is a desire for it we will make the audio and text language selection independent.

We’re a small team so we can’t support every potential scenario, but if you would benefit from any accessibility options (alternate controls, color blindness mode etc) let us know and we will see about them.